Leah Tepper Byrne was interviewed by Hey Hot Shot this week.

Tepper Byrne’s series Still Lives is a visitation upon The Children’s Village in Dobb’s Ferry, New York state.

From Leah’s artist statement: “Mental health, child services, and juvenile justice systems converge to house 200 boys. They live together in small cottages categorized by their specific criminal offenses and treatment needs, ranging from drug abuse to sexual offense to mental illness. It is an unusual therapeutic approach practiced in a most unusual setting marked by contrast and contradiction.”

Her photographs (the usual mix of portraits and stills) and are in dialogue with the works of Edmund Clark, Richard Renaldi and Steve Davis; photographers who distill the banalities and tensions of institutions, of youthful sitters, or of both.

Tepper Byrne’s work also suggests a level of trust and collaboration with her subjects that is not unlike Melania Comoretto‘s collaborations with female prisoners in Italy.

I recommend spending some time with the Still Lives series and with the HHS interview.