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Angola Prison Rodeo Gets Fair News Treatment

IN THE ARENA The Prison Rodeo at Louisiana State Penitentiary (aka Angola Prison) is a controversial event. Is it an opportunity for the prisoners to be more than invisible bodies and maligned felons, or is is gladiatorial and the worst of capitalist exploitation? I veer toward the latter but I’m not inclined to yell too […]

Jana Asenbrennerova at the Angola Prison Rodeo

It’s a long list of things that makes Angola Prison aka Louisiana State Penitentiary the most photographed prison in the United States. Top of that list is the fact of the prison rodeo. Add Jana Asenbrennerova to the list of the many photographers who’ve been there before.  

The Visual Culture of Angola Prison

I wanted to share some PPOTR snapshots with you. Angola Prison (Louisiana State Penitentiary) is the state’s maximum security prison. An 18,000 acre former slave plantation, Angola is the size of Manhattan. At the time of my visit, Angola was “home” to 5,400 men, over 4,500 of whom will die within its razor wire. Angola […]

Darryl Richardson at Angola Prison Rodeo

Photo: Darryl Richardson, from the series Nothing To Lose (Angola Prison Rodeo) I was given a media tour of Angola Prison while in Louisiana during Prison Photography on the Road. The arrangements were straightforward and the administration very welcoming. The warden’s office is set up for requests and visits like mine. The prison even puts […]

Newly Available: Adam Shemper Photograph of Angola Prison Labour

 © Adam Shemper Photographer: Adam Shemper Title: ‘In the Wheat Fields, Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola, Louisiana’ Year: 2000 Print: 9″x9″, B&W on archival paper. Print PLUS, self-published book, postcard and mixtape – $325 – $BUY NOW  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Another incredibly […]

Frank McMains, Boxing in Angola Prison: A New Incentive for Kickstarter Funders

Another day, another Kickstarter incentive to peddle. Frank McMains‘ B&W digital print on archival paper (8″x12″) is available at the $100 funding level. And I’ll throw in a postcard from the road and the PPOTR mixtape (CD). BUY NOW. You can read more about Frank and the AABA in Exclusive: Photos of the Angola Amateur […]

Exclusive: Photos of the Angola Amateur Boxing Association, Louisiana State Penitentiary

In the management of prisons, fighting is an activity prohibited by the authorities (bar some exceptional instances) and a sign that the regime and control measures are failing. However, at Louisiana State Penitentiary (commonly known as Angola), the Angola Amateur Boxing Association provides equipment and space for prisoners to spar and bout. From the Louisianan […]

Sarah Stolfa at Angola Prison Rodeo

Angola prison rodeo © Sarah Stolfa Philadelphia based photographer Sarah Stolfa, best known for The Regulars, a portrait series of punters at the bar she tended, has posted some new work on her website. Pallbearers struggling with a casket, an elegantly dressed African-American lady with a gun holster, a man with a singed blanket stood […]