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Damon Winter Reflects Upon the Angola rodeo

Too Much Chocolate When Jake Stangel put out a call to interview Damon Winter for Too Much Chocolate I didn’t hesitate. How often do you get to bend the ear of a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer? Jake assured me that Damon was – is – “a super-nice guy” as well. I might argue that Damon […]

Angola Prison Rodeo Gets Fair News Treatment

IN THE ARENA The Prison Rodeo at Louisiana State Penitentiary (aka Angola Prison) is a controversial event. Is it an opportunity for the prisoners to be more than invisible bodies and maligned felons, or is is gladiatorial and the worst of capitalist exploitation? I veer toward the latter but I’m not inclined to yell too […]

Jana Asenbrennerova at the Angola Prison Rodeo

It’s a long list of things that makes Angola Prison aka Louisiana State Penitentiary the most photographed prison in the United States. Top of that list is the fact of the prison rodeo. Add Jana Asenbrennerova to the list of the many photographers who’ve been there before.  

Darryl Richardson at Angola Prison Rodeo

Photo: Darryl Richardson, from the series Nothing To Lose (Angola Prison Rodeo) I was given a media tour of Angola Prison while in Louisiana during Prison Photography on the Road. The arrangements were straightforward and the administration very welcoming. The warden’s office is set up for requests and visits like mine. The prison even puts […]

Sarah Stolfa at Angola Prison Rodeo

Angola prison rodeo © Sarah Stolfa Philadelphia based photographer Sarah Stolfa, best known for The Regulars, a portrait series of punters at the bar she tended, has posted some new work on her website. Pallbearers struggling with a casket, an elegantly dressed African-American lady with a gun holster, a man with a singed blanket stood […]

Tim McKulka on the Angola Prison Rodeo

Yes folks, a US prison runs a rodeo for the entertainment of the public (from Louisiana and beyond). Believe it. I have only ever discussed this event in terms of is dicey ethics, but being a weak-spined liberal never gone full-throtle in condemning it as exploitation. Matt Kelley and I were both agreed that we […]

Damon Winter: Angola Prison Rodeo

The blogo-photo-sphere has been spinning the past couple of days with the 2009 Pulitzer Prize announcements. Damon Winter took one gong for “his memorable array of pictures deftly capturing multiple facets of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.” (Featured Photography). Patrick Farrell secured the other with his “provocative, impeccably composed images of despair after Hurricane Ike and […]

To Collide with a Galloping Prison Rodeo Horse

In my last post I mentioned the ubiquity of photographs of the Angola Prison Rodeo. Well, there’s another of these gladiatorial spectacles. It’s at Oklahoma State Prison in McAlester. And my friend Sol Neelman went there once. Sol writes: I remember sitting on a chair, trying to clear my head and thinking: “It’s a Friday night and […]