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A Concept Guantanamo Newspaper to Spur Visual Literacy Classes on War, Media and Censorship

He went back every year for four years. Between 2007-2010, photojournalist Louie Palu made six trips to Guantanamo. Not quite a compulsion, but more of a requirement, Palu had to go. He’d photographed in Afghanistan and it made sense that he’d take  opportunities to document America’s chosen *homeland* site for its Global War On Terror (GWOT). […]

‘Saturday Come Slow’: Broomberg and Chanarin Team Up with Massive Attack and Former Guantanamo Detainee, Ruhal Ahmed

I greatly admire Broomberg and Chanarin‘s work and I’ve followed Massive Attack since their debut album Blue Lines. So, I was stoked to see them pair up and meditate on the tortuous capacity of sound, mix in an interview with former Gitmo prisoner and UK citizen Ruhal Ahmed, and then get Damon Albarn in on […]

Guantanamo: The Architecture of Stupidity

Last week, I said that photographs from Guantanamo now teach us nothing. I should qualify that statement; photographs will tell us nothing new of the military operations, procedures and especially not future plans for the site. It does not mean, however, that photographs are useless. Visual sources can be presented to refine existing positions of […]

Tim Dirven, nor any photographer, is likely to tell us anything new about Guantanamo

Sometimes the name of this weblog-journal means that I simply cannot overlook certain stories or acts of publishing. In the past couple of hours, the Guardian website ran a nine image Guantanamo photo-gallery. The gallery launches from the largest and most prominent rectangle of the new Guardian redesign, i.e. it is the top story on […]

Obama, Happy Anniversary, but Guantanamo’s still Open

“I didn’t realise what was going on until the guy had pushed his fingers ­inside my eyes and I could feel the coldness of his fingers. Then I realised he was trying to gouge out my eyes,” Deghayes says. He wanted to scream in agony, but was determined not to give his torturers the satisfaction. […]

A Human Interest Story? From Guantanamo?

Brandon Neely, was a Guantánamo Bay guard for six months in 2002. New to Facebook, he typed in the names of detainees, sent messages to one of the freed men, Shafiq Rasul, and was astonished when Mr. Rasul replied. There’ll be a BBC special. via

Suicide at Guantanamo?

Source UNKNOWN DETAINEES Stan posted this a couple of days ago. Three suicides covered up in 2006. Now a 58-page study prepared by law faculty and students at Seton Hall University in New Jersey starkly challenges the Pentagon’s claims. It notes serious and unresolved contradictions within a Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) report – which […]

Justice Denied: Voices of Guantanamo

In the past I have provided varied perspective on Guantanamo. I put together a rudimentary Directory of Visual Resources. I alerted readers to important coverage of exceptional events here and here (granted, all events related to Gitmo are out of the extraordinary) and I have provided reflection on Guantanamo through the lenses of Bronstein, Clark, […]