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Bettina Hansen Once Photographed A Monkey, Dressed In Rodeo Gear, Riding A Dog, Herding Sheep, In An Arena, Within A Prison

I’ve seen Bettina Hansen a few times in recent months (she’s a recent transplant to Cascadia) but never once did she think to mention this awesome photo. Maybe I got sucked in by the fact it is A FRIKKING MONKEY RIDING A SHEEP DOG IN SOME MUDWORLD MAMMAL OLYMPICS! … maybe the photo is a […]

The Visual Culture of Angola Prison

I wanted to share some PPOTR snapshots with you. Angola Prison (Louisiana State Penitentiary) is the state’s maximum security prison. An 18,000 acre former slave plantation, Angola is the size of Manhattan. At the time of my visit, Angola was “home” to 5,400 men, over 4,500 of whom will die within its razor wire. Angola […]

Exclusive: Photos of the Angola Amateur Boxing Association, Louisiana State Penitentiary

In the management of prisons, fighting is an activity prohibited by the authorities (bar some exceptional instances) and a sign that the regime and control measures are failing. However, at Louisiana State Penitentiary (commonly known as Angola), the Angola Amateur Boxing Association provides equipment and space for prisoners to spar and bout. From the Louisianan […]

New Edit: Damon Winter’s Prison Rodeo

Damon Winter emailed me this week to let me know he’s been tinkering with his website. Since we spoke last [here and here] about his ‘Angola Prison Rodeo’ series, he’s revisited and re-edited. > STORIES2 > 5 > ANGOLA PRISON RODEO The image above is new and one of Damon’s preferred images. Also since […]

Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo

Filmmaker Bradley Beesley and his team admit beginning the project “mostly informed by the cultural lore of prison through film and music such as Cool Hand Luke, Stir Crazy, and Folsom Prison Blues.” That quickly changed. Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo was released Friday. I’ve talked about prison rodeos before (Damon Winter, Tim McKulka and […]

Winogrand at the Huntsville Prison Rodeo. Who Knew?

In 1964, with the support of a Guggenheim fellowship, Garry Winogrand traveled over four months to fourteen states and recorded an America in transition. The result was WINOGRAND 1964. Here’s a review by Ned Higgins. – – – – – – AmericanSuburbX has republished Carl Chiarenza‘s “Standing on the Corner – Reflections Upon Garry Winogrand’s Photographic […]

Angola Prison Football

“At one time Angola was well known as the bloodiest penitentiary in America. And now you don’t have nearly as much as the violence as you woulda had.” Troy West, Angola Inmate Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate per capita of all US states. over 1,100 per 100,000 – that’s more than 1 in a […]

“They Didn’t Want Us To Show the Reality, the Gore”: A Chat with Photojournalist Giles Clarke

I’ve said before that Angola prison is probably the most photographed prison in the nation. Damon Winter, Bettina Hansen, Darryl Richardson, Tim McKukla, Sarah Stolfa, Adam Shemper, Lori Waselchuk, Deborah Luster, Serge Levy, Frank McMains and thousands more. Even I’ve had a go! Well, now add Giles Clarke to that list . He was down there […]