Two weeks ago I penned an article about the banning of books in Texas prisons. Attached to the article was a petition to Brad Livingston, Director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

If you are opposed to politically motivated censorship, I urge you to sign the petition. Let me remind you that the book was about the conditions of women in American prisons and it was banned for describing the abuses two females had suffered early in life; abuses that had shaped self-destructive behaviour and consequent incarceration. The descriptions were not graphic. The descriptions were essential for discussion of cycles of violence, perpetrators and victims, and hopes for help instead of punishment.

If you need convincing that petition’s have an effect, I point to’s previous direct action that caused the Virginia Department of Corrections to overturn their ban on the Virginia Books Behind Bars program.

Signing the petition does mean making a profile at Profiles are often a barrier to action but I ask that you put on your hurdling shoes in this instance.

Thanks, Pete

UPDATE: ALL PETITIONS is so confident of the power of petitions they have set up a platform to deliver the petition tools of national non-profits to the hands of individuals.

“Our bloggers have recently begun using this tool to start petitions in response to news stories and have won close to a dozen campaigns – successfully pressuring companies and federal agencies to change their policies.”