Hulu has just posted Nick Broomfield‘s two documentaries on Aileen Wuornos.

The Selling of a Serial Killer (1992) was made two years after the seven murders off highway 75, Florida. Broomfield demonstrates the efforts by Wuornos’ lawyer (Steve, a hippie musician known as Dr. Legal), her sponsor and friend (Dawn) and the Florida Sheriff’s Department to cash in on her story.

Life and Death of a Serial Killer (2003) opens with a recap of the main characters and a reminder that the police chief and officers resigned following allegations they’d sold their stories to a Hollywood studio. It is illegal to profit from state work in such a way. Dawn and Steve were in on the deal too!

In Life and Death, Broomfield is subpoenaed to court to testify on Steve’s “seven joint ride” to the prison in which Aileen was held; he was on his way to deliver legal advice. Broomfield filmed the ride for his first documentary.

Aileen changes her stories time and time again. Details she discloses to Broomfield when she thinks the camera isn’t running she won’t repeat elsewhere. She sabotages her own defense. Eventually, Aileen wants to be executed and repeatedly attempts to maneouver proceedings to secure her death.

Broomfield’s conclusion is that Aileen is clearly insane. On the evidence of her last ever TV interview (below) it is hard to dispute.

24 hours before this interview Aileen passed a state psychological assessment that deemed her of sound mind.