A Miserable Old Git has launched CREEP with the following words

Among suggested subjects generally embargoed might be:

• Women in black weeping over their dead menfolk.
• Terrified civilians running away from trouble in a crouching position.
• Posed groups of defiant rebels waving Kalashnikovs or rocket launchers, giving the victory sign.
• Soldiers on the frontline, arms at the ready, looking meaningfully at the enemy.
• Soldiers leaping out of helicopters, primed for action.
• Anyone taking, smoking or injecting drugs.
• Hell’s Angels posing with macho motorbikes.
• Frenzied music audiences screaming at rock bands.
• Skate boarders silhouetted against a brooding sky.

It’s been said before but, but Colin Jacobson‘s words carry a bit more weight because the WPP were, “foolhardy enough to invite [Colin] to be chair of the jury on two occasions back in the primordial mists of the 1980’s.”

And, because Jacobson is now the curmudgeon-in-residence over at Foto8.

Found via Peter Marshall.