Clearly, Alec Soth does know what he is talking about … and he talks a lot of sense … and he talks often.

Last week, however, Magnum Photos attributed this quote to Soth and twatted it into the webiverse:

“It’s not about making good pictures anymore. Anybody can do that today – it’s about good edits…”

Thus a medium-sized discussion ensued on the Fraction Mag Facebook page covering the need for outside perspective, audience expectations, technologies beyond those of cameras but of distribution also, etc, etc …

I wanted to know why and when Soth said this and in what context he made the statement. I emailed him. Here’s his response:

Dear Pete,

I don’t when or in what context this comment was made or if it was made at all. Nor do I know who posted it. But this itself is quite telling, isn’t it? Are people interested having serious discussions about miscellaneous, fragmentary tweets? I would much rather talk about a fully realized interview or essay. In a similar way, I’m much more interested in edited projects than I am in isolated images.



I don’t know if we should now discuss this fragmentary correspondence or just leave it alone?