I think it is fair to say that the average Westerner’s understanding of the ethnic conflicts in Southern Kyrgyzstan is small to non existent. And I’d include myself in that.

I would have remained distant and uninformed if it wasn’t for Ikuru Kuwajima in Kyrgyzstan’s coverage. Kuwajima worked with Save the Children. He says, “About 2000 people were thought to be killed in the recent clashes in the southern Kyrgyzstan. A number of people, especially ethnic Uzbeks lost houses due to arsons and looting, and hundreds, or thousands, of IDPs still don’t know where to move.”

For some reason, Kuwajima’s work distinguished itself above and beyond other B&W dispatches from the caucuses/Middle-East/Far East that run the risk of getting lumped together in Westerns viewers’ minds.

I am not exactly sure why Kuwajima’s work made such an impression? It just a delicately edited collection of images.