I am toying with the idea of listing my 100 favourite (online) digital photography archives, but museums, universities, historical societies and Flickr keep moving the goal posts. I see a new archive virtually every week.

If I stop to think what all this digitsation means, I suspect I’ll miss the boat on just enjoying the documents of times past.

The National Library of Scotland has just joined Flickr Commons, and this set of Edinburgh’s South Side probably pushes out one of the entries on a Flickr Commons top-ten article I penned last year.

It’s good that the drive toward digitisation and the “competition” (as I’ve defined it) is ongoing among these archives.


“The National Library of Scotland joined the Flickr Commons on July 13, 2010, with over 2,000 photographs, focusing on a collection of official British photography from the First World War. A smaller but equally rich set is chosen from a survey of the South Side of Edinburgh in 1929, photographed by Alfred Henry Rushbrook. And along with the letter ordering the massacre at Glencoe, is the last letter of Mary, Queen of Scots.”