Ed Winkelman has posted another must-read POV, ‘Why Curmudgeons Often Make the Best Collectors

Ed responds to this article in The Art Newspaper profiling gambling millionaire David Walsh, whose private collection has just been opened to the public in the purpose built, subterranean Museum of Old and New Art.

Walsh on MONA’s raison d’être:

“Mona is my temple to secularism,” he adds, explaining that he is interested in “talking about what we are”, in other words what makes humans human. “People fucking, people dying, the sorts of things that are the most fun to talk about.”

Walsh on the potential benefits Mona will have to local business:

“We don’t know whether I’m going to make any difference to the economy and I must say I don’t particularly care. If it happens, great. If it doesn’t happen, I don’t give a shit.”

Walsh on curating:

“I believe most curation is bullshit … curators tie together a bunch of stuff they can get their hands on then create the most abstruse and obtuse reality and, in the end, fill an exhibition up with a few things that are slightly connected and the upshot is that about 30% of the art is just there to fill space.”

Walsh on being an artist:

“No one makes art for art’s sake. There are only two reasons to create art: to get laid or defy death.”

Hilarious! Thanks Ed.