Jon Feinstein (or it might be Grant Willing?) over at Humble Art Foundation blog has been posting the art of serial killers in recent months.


If you thought serial killer art was as macabre as photography/arts blog could go, you’d be wrong. Every week, I am made to fear for my life because of what HAFNY has posted … and most weeks I find myself wondering “Is that real blood or fake blood?”

Put on your adult diapers and check it out.


John Wayne Gacy is best known as the “Killer Clown” serial killer who murdered 33 people during the 1970s. While in Prison, Gacy took up painting; his favorite subjects being the Seven Dwarfs, Clowns, and other serial killers. He was executed in 1994 by lethal injection.”

Ottis Toole was an American serial killer who was charged for three counts of murder, but confessed to four more after being incarcerated.”

Henry Lee Lucas is an American serial killer who is best known for lying/falsely confessing to upwards of 600 murders. He was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of 11 murders; he died of heart failure while in prison, so the actual number of crimes committed will never be truly accurate.”