The FRANCE24-Radio France International Web Documentary Award has been won by “Prison Valley”, created by French journalists David Dufresne and Philippe Brault. (@davduf, @prisonvalley)

I am excited about this because I’d got behind Prison Valley when it was first launched.

That post drew efforts of correction and sentiment of complaint from Canon City’s chamber of commerce along with a response from the film makers.

Prison Valley was a controversial production in that it displeased the folk it portrayed. From what I can understand the small town Americans felt as if they’d been hoodwinked and did not think a dystopic frame would be put on the whole thing.

But there we go.

The format and interactivity is the type of use that many think the web has been slow to deliver. It’s pioneer.

Innovative Interactivity has an interview with the makers about the concept and design process:

“At the beginning of Prison Valley, we only though about doing an audio slideshow (Portfolio). At the end, it will be a web documentary, a documentary, a book, an iPhone application and even an exhibition this May in Paris.”