It was interesting to watch Marion Jones speak on Monday’s Daily Show. She was locked up for 6 months for lying to federal investigators during the Balco scandal. Jones’ imprisonment included a 45 day stint in solitary confinement.

Jones is now in the very early stages of prison reform advocacy:

“I’m in the process of looking for organizations that I can partner with, get their stories out there, share my experience, use my voice. When I was in prison, some of the women there talked to me and shared their stories with the hope that, because I have a voice on the outside, people will want to hear what I have to say.”

“Too many times, you’ll hear, ‘Aw, there’s just prostitutes or drug-heads or the bottom rung of our society in there.’ Before you jump to a conclusion and make any ignorant or rash comment, take a break – remember, that’s what I’m trying to get out there – find out what you can about the situation and make a smarter response. I’ll do whatever I can do to talk about awareness and change.”