This week, the DVAFOTO boys pointed me in the direction of New York Times‘ Daphné Anglès video and “editor‘s choice” for the Canon Professional Network.

Anglès picked out ten photographs she thought worthy. One of them was this by William Price.

It’s not photoshopped. It’s at a beach on the Caribbean island of St Maarten.

Also this week, Stephen Bulger tells me Josef Hoflehner is showing his series Jetliner at the Galerie Nikolaus Ruzicska in Austria.

Hoflehner’s photos are also from St Maarten.

Jet Airliner #11, Continental Airlines Boeing 737-800, Arriving from Newark, NJ. © Josef Hoflehner

I recall in the past seeing other photographers take on this same subject. If pros are taking the time to be out there, I presume plenty of amateurs (and many tourists) must be too?

Ahem. Flickrrrr? Result.

Image by Flickr user, Ike

A beach under an air-path is becoming iconic. It’s stunning, loud and easy to photograph. It encapsulates the compression of technology and leisure and it’s all about the madness and technological advancement in the age of speed. Now images of St Maarten are everywhere. Not a meme yet though (usually videos not images make it as memes).

So, I wonder what That TSA Poster from a few months back was all about?