“Go to beauty spot to commune with nature, into the lovely park land and then when your dog shits, place it in a plastic bag and hang it from a tree like some f#*king hellish totem.”

– Mark Page

© John Darwell

Is photography better off dead than being a steaming pile of … ?

Photographer John Darwell has created a modern typology of a particular problem. Get yourself over to Manchester Photography for the full story.


I have heard a lot of mutterings recently about how the photoblogosphere is in danger of becoming an orgy of self-on-proxy-self marketing; a web of palful happy-endings. Cliques for clicks.

It is against that septic skeptic view of the photoblogosphere, that Mark Page‘s Manchester Photography stands out. Let’s be honest, he’s in a bit of an outpost in Manchester (the one in the UK, not the one in New Hampshire) and I think that’s why his posts catch the eye. He’s on top of stuff no one else has got their eyes on.


Been really enjoying your posts recently. You’ve been on a roll. You’re still a cocky Jeremy Hunt, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If Manchester Photography lost its colorful prose, it’d be the worst type of blog-lobotomy. A ‘blogotomy’?

Keep up the stellar work. I’ll see you, Leeming and anyone else who invites themselves for a lager-shandy down the Nag’s Head in 2011.