Jeremy Ramsden © Richard Nicholson

I was pleased as punch to feature Richard Nicholson‘s project Analog today on Wired’s Raw File.

When Nicholson began the project in 2006, there were 204 photo printing labs in and around London, printing images from film stock to paper. By 2009, only six remained.

Nicholson: “Each image was made in total darkness. I would switch off the lights, open the camera’s shutter, and then walk around the darkroom illuminating the scene with multiple bursts from a handheld flashgun.”

See the 12 image gallery and read our full interview: Photo Enlargers Loom Like Dinosaurs of the Film Age [Here’s a free tip. Click the view all button to see everything on one page.]

Considering the objects of extinction, it’s no surprise that there are many photographers composing photographic obituaries of the analog craft. Kindred projects to Nicholson’s Analog include Michel Campeau’s Darkroom, John Cyr’s Developer Trays and Robert Burley’s The Disappearance of Darkness.


Analog — The Last One Out, Please Turn On the Light is on show at Riflemaker Gallery, 79 Beak St., Regent Street, London W1F 9SU, until March 11. E-mail: