Hillary Clinton at Uncle Nancy’s Coffeehouse, Newton, Iowa April 21, 2007 © Richard Colburn

Richard Colburn‘s Iowa Caucus is a poke in the eye to the super-production value of big media. His famous politician subjects are vulnerable and open, maybe confused or amused. I guess being exposed is a fair reflection of their experience meeting voters in the high-stakes early battle-state of Iowa. But I don’t get the impression Colburn is being cruel or ironic.

How does he isolate these public figures?

Colburn, like his images, might be very disarming. For me, this project has just become a barometer for other political portraiture.

I like these gentle versions of politicians. Instead of hawkish advisors, backroom deals and lobbyist “donations”, I’m thinking about grandparents and pie and mowing the lawn.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich at the Cedar Rapids Farmers Market. October 6, 2007. Withdrew January 25, 2008. © Richard Colburn