When I can find the time, Lebbeus Woodsblog is always a treat to dip into.

© Ross Racine

On Ross Racine‘s digital drawings, Woods says:

Artists and poets have struggled over the centuries to make works that startle us with their originality and, in effect, wake us up to depth of human feelings in our own uniqueness and individuality. The artist’s and the poet’s originality connects with our own, invoking the feeling that to be human is to be unique. The artist is a mirror of ourselves, inspiring us not to be artists but individuals […] But the raw fact is, most of us are not so unique. Our lives, except for the smallest details, pretty much resemble the lives of others, particularly those in our social group, whatever it might be, defined by economic class, race, educational background and many others. The truth is that we are intensely social creatures and our social context often overwhelms our individual traits and aspirations. This would seem to be the message imbedded in Ross Racine’s drawings of suburbs.

View Ross Racine’s work here.

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Woods’ post on Libya is also rather rousing. It discusses (not in any related way) the push for another type of individual recognition.

I include the map below, because despite my web-surfing it was new to me and it may be to you also.

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