The success of the changes in Egypt will largely be judged on the strength of the new democracy – more specifically, the viability and strength of its institutions and the way in which they unite the people’s needs. If Egypt’s justice system serves truth and enacts fair judicial process, especially regarding deaths during the protests, then it shall be a source of pride and calm for Egyptians in their quickly changing nation.

Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud was one of the first journalists to die during the protests. Mahmoud’s family believe he himself captured the photo-evidence to prosecute his killer.

From the London Photographers’ Branch:

“Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud’s last photograph was an image of his killer taken just before he was shot in the face. His wife hopes that this evidence will bring his murderer to justice, with the support of his trade union, the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate.”

Watch this case.

People carry a symbolic coffin of Egyptian journalist Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud, in a symbolic funeral ceremony in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt, Monday, Feb. 7. Photo Credit: Ben Curtis / AP