“Here I can experience the most vivid and complete representation of my memories.”

The above is a quote from the promo video (on 29 seconds) for a new smart-phone App named Color. The claim is – how should I put this? – a load of bollocks.

Color automatically shares all the images you snap in the App with everybody else using the App within the immediate geographical area. I’m still waiting to find out how large that area is.

Color‘s promise that “There’s no attaching, uploading, or friending to do” would send me running a mile. Hello? Privacy?

Color is a product to feed the suffocating self-obsession of modern society.

If someone else makes an image, on their smart phone, of other people, or of an event, in another time, and in another space, and then, you own a tool onto which the image is stored as a digital file, it does not make that event, nor any representation of it, YOUR memory.

It doesn’t even make those people your friends.