Identity Paranoia by Bartek (Bart) Pogoda and Silvia Sencekova has very little to do with the many single images of people in masks or photographs of people with s#%t over their heads.

The skill is in doubling and sometimes tripling the gaze within the pictures. The longer you spend with these photographs the more subtle they reveal themselves.

Not to forget this is a love story. The two masked loners eventual meet one another, leading us only to presume that they really do need the masks and aren’t wearing them for our amusement.

Creepy faces attached to bedenimed euro-bodies wouldn’t be in any of my recipes for photo-appeal, but Pogoda and Sencekova have changed my mind on that.

Oh, and it’s FUNNY, I think.


More BIG images here on his blog.

Silvia Sencekova takes pictures of beds and flying dogs.