Beyond Prisons, the YES! Magazine, Summer 2011 issue is out now.

Some great features:

Problem Child, an essay by the very thoughtful Arthur Longworth, about the terror of solitary confinement.

Connecting Prisons with Nature, about Dr. Nalini Nadkarni’s work, as documented by Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy-Steele (previously on PP here, here and here.)

– A look at Taryn Simon’s The Innocents, a dated but important project that gave a voice to the wrongfully convicted.

Raising Babies in Prison, with photos by Cheryl Hanna-Truscott (on PP here)

– Infographics! Just the Facts: It’s a Locking-People-Up Problem.

Beyond Prisons also includes an article about tertiary education for the incarcerated, by Carol Estes, executive director of University Beyond Bars, an education group I work with here in Washington State. Alas it is only available in teh print edition, so grab yourselves a copy. Only $4!