Many moon tides ago, I read an article about the fledging Googleplex in Mountain View, California. The piece was throw-away pub-philosophy blarp with a flimsy premise; that being that one definition of ‘a God’ would be that of an all-knowing intelligence and inquiry. In the lobby of the Googleplex was (maybe still is) a stock-market-esque ticker. It reads as a series of the most searched searches across the globe; the giddy red pixels peeled across the screen in real time. This was shared curiosity knowledge and inquiry. This was God? In the least, this was as close to a collective conscience as you could get? An ultimate energy? Well, no, but I bring up the point to say that while Google has grown even more massive and come to own the air, seas, sky, vocabulary and minds of all humans with two dollars to rub together, there at least some pretenders to the throne. If anyone is going to topple Google, it might be Bookface … but only when the can tell us what a Freelance Photographer is.

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