Print of Mumia Abu-Jamal portrait by Lou Jones. During the PPOTR interview at his Boston studio, Jones said when he made the portrait it was the first time in 5 years that Mumia had been photographed without shackles on his wrists.

Prison Photography on the Road concluded at approximately 11pm, December 20th.

I’m hugely privileged to have had the opportunity to hit the road and throw myself, an audio recorder, and a sleeping bag at my intellectual passion.

On the 21st December, I hopped aboard a flight bound for holiday cheer, cask ale, mince pies, friends and family in the UK. With Christmas in Yorkshire and New Year in Scotland, I’ve enjoyed an extended period of down-time and in many ways needed that time to digest all that was achieved during PPOTR. And, now, I must responsibly and efficiently share what was learned and gained.

I anticipate 2012 to be a year of flux. I’ll be experimenting with new ways of sharing information. I don’t want to disclose too much at this point as many projects remain in planning stages. Still, expect a shake up here at Prison Photography.

Whilst I get to work, I thought you’d be interested in some figures that in some small ways indicate the parameters and spirit of the trip.


12,333 miles total

1,443 image files made with the Lumix digital camera

762 miles – longest drive in a single day (Salt Lake City, Utah to Kearney, Nebraska)

500+ people I spoke with and exchanged ideas

374 gallons of petrol

155 CDs played on car stereo

120 cups of coffee

103 different wi-fi connections

100 postcards sent (at time of writing, number set to increase)

90 days and nights

78 showers

71 pet cats and pet dogs I met

67 interviews (3 interviews every 4 days)

46 destination cities

39 photographers

31 states

28 criminal justice reform experts/advocates

18 ruby Texas grapefruit

16 batteries spent

6 lectures delivered

4 oil changes

3 prisons visited

2 hotels

2 nights sleeping in the car (New York; Arizona)

2 parking tickets (Milwaukee; San Francisco)

1 night camping (in an Iowa thunderstorm)

1 Occupy Movement protest march (Philadelphia)

1 speeding ticket

1 arrest

0 car problems