Jeanie, after crying over William’s depiction of women being “easily beguiled,” 2012. © Isadora Kosofsky

Sometimes it takes a while for great photography to percolate, for me at least. I’ve been aware of Isadora Kosofsky‘s documentary of Adina, Jeanie and Will – three seniors in a love triangle – for several months but spent some time with it yesterday.

Kosofsky’s series, titled The Three is potent and unique work full of surprise and bittersweet optimism. I’m not much like Adina, Jeanie and Will, but I am immediately interested in their story and emotions. They’re giving something a go which is less than ideal and it wears on them, but there are bright spots too. There’s a lot to mull over when considering who Kosofsky’s subjects are, where they’ve been and where they may be going.

It seems trite to suggest it, but by tapping the inconvenient messiness of emotion, Kosofsky’s work gets at some truth inherent to life. Truth, huh? Dangerous label when attached to photography.

Isadora Kosofsky is a Los Angeles-based documentary photographer. Her work can be seen here.

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