Photo by Tigerbeat. Used without permission.

On Sunday 16th March, I spoke at the Bearing Witness photo symposium organised by SFMoMA. The video is now online. I haven’t watched it. My love of talking is matched by my fear of hearing myself talk. After the event people said nice things. I don’t think my frantic back-and-forth across the stage put too many people off. It was the largest crowd to which I’ve presented. If you think I’m out of breath for the first 5 minutes, it’s because I am. I sprinted around the back of the auditorium during Erin O’Toole’s introduction to ensure I was stage left and not stage right, or stage wrong.

I’d like to thank Erin for extending the invitation to speak. Big thanks to Malia Rose who coordinated many of the details and kept things sane.

When you click through on this link, my talk What Can Photography Do For Prison Reform? is at the beginning of ‘Session 2.’ Also in the line up are Margaret Olin, Susan Meiselas, Zoe Strauss, Ben Lowy and Kathy Ryan.