“My name is Randall Daluz. I am thirty-seven years old and I am currently awaiting sentencing for triple murder and arson.”

These words mark the beginning of the “Redemption” section of a blog written by an inmate in Penobscot County Jail in Maine. Started in 2014 while Daluz was standing trial for killing three people and burning their bodies in a car, the religious blog is maintained with the help of a jail volunteer’s wife, who transcribes his handwritten writings into blog posts detailing the Christian reawakening he has undergone behind bars.

Daluz has no internet connection in jail, but Penobscot County Sheriff Troy Morton recently said that there’s nothing wrong with him having the writings posted online, so long as someone else does it. “He’s not running a website per se from our facility,” he told a local paper. “People have a right to exercise their religious beliefs.”

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