Boreal Bash 2015 kicks off on Friday is to include “photographers working around the world who will discuss some of their most personal projects and the process they have gone through to conceive of and produce their work.” The event is focusing on photography collectives, members’ “perspectives on working collectively toward a more cooperative future in our community.”

On Saturday, I’ll be moderating a discussion with members of Boreal Collective, guest collectives MJR and Prime, and Dustin Drankowski Below is the full roster of speakers.

All talks will be at Tranzac Club, at 292 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto.

SATURDAY (6-9pm)

Mauricio Palos (6pm): Boreal Collective’s Palos will open our Bash speakers series with a memorial for Ruben Espinosa, featuring his photographs, and then will share some of his own work from Mexico.

Émilie Régnier (6:55pm): Emilie Regenier, a Montreal-born photographer, will discuss the evolution of her work on identity in African communities.

Panel (7:55pm): Writer and curator Pete Brook will moderate a discussion about collectivism, cooperation and community in the photo industry with’s Photo Director Dustin Drankowski, members of Boreal Collective,’s Photo Editor Noah Rabinowitz from MJR and Lance Rosenfield from Prime Collective.

SUNDAY (5-8pm)

Dominic Nahr (5pm): Nahr will present his work from Fukushima, Japan and discuss why he is continuing to follow the story even when he is not on assignment.

Brendan Hoffman (5:45pm): Prime Collective’s Brendan Hoffman, an American photographer based in Kiev, will present his work from Ukraine, where he has been covering the unfolding events for more than a year.

Brandon Thibodeaux (Sunday, 6:35pm): Brandon Thibodeaux from MJR will discuss his long term projects from his home in the American South.

Matt Lutton (Sunday, 7:25pm): Lutton, a Boreal Collective photographer who was based in Belgrade, Serbia for more than six years, will present his projects from The Balkans and his experiences as a foreign correspondent.

For speaker bios and more information on the Boreal Bash, click here.


Image: Uros Popovic lights his cigarette from the embers of a Christmas Eve bonfire near Velika Hoca, Kosovo. January 2011. © Matt Lutton.