Tonight between, 8-9pm ET (that’s 5-6pm PST), I’ll be part of a VICE News Skype Group Chat about prisons.

Me and a bunch of others will be discussing education, law, some policy and inequality — all the stuff that has shaped a broken prison system.

I’ve been told “a Skype Group Chat is a virtual, text-based discussion falling somewhere on the spectrum between chatroom and Reddit AMA.”

It’s part of VICE’s ongoing, month-long focus on prison in the U.S.

“On September 27th, VICE on HBO aired a special report entitled Fixing The System which investigated mass incarceration in America, and the mounting civil rights crisis surrounding our prison population. Set against the backdrop of President Obama’s historic visit to El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in Oklahoma, VICE co-founder Shane Smith spoke with inmates, as well as community reformers, and members of the judiciary about the structural failings of our criminal justice system and the challenges that lie ahead for those who aim to fix them.” says VICE.

That spirit of fixing things continues here. Although we’ll see if “fixing” is the right approach. How about disassembling?

The chat will be moderated by members of the VICE News and team, including the producers of Fixing the System BJ Levin, Alex Chitty, Jana Kozlowski, and Matt Horowitz.

Might you tune in?

See Fixing The System trailer  and VICE’s America Incarcerated