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Richard Renaldi has translated Freddy Langer’s review of Allison Davies’ Outerland which ran in The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, July 1, 2010. Richard and his partner Seth Boyd founded Charles Lane Press which published Outerland.

Renaldi: “The story Allison Davies tells us in Outerland is derived from those end-time allegories that have supplied modern American art with dramatic material for novels, movies, and ballads sad and cruel. It may well be a story fueled by fear of weapons of mass destruction after the terrorist attacks of September 11. Or a meditation on an impending climate catastrophe. But Outerland goes deeper. It asks the question: On the first day after the end of mankind, what will remain?”

This isn’t the first time Outerland has gotten some love. Joerg Colberg, theHulin, WIPNYC and James Danziger have all reviewed it. It’s fair to presume the book is a stonking good, memorable object.

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