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There’s not a lot of humour to be drawn from America’s Prison Industrial Complex but, still, I made an attempt with an hours worth of April foolery and sarcasm:


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  • I really should get back to my draft on an article: 'Advice For Young Photographers? Never Let The Daily Mail Use Your Images' 8 hours ago
  • RT @YvetteCooperMP: It's 2017. Two women's decisions will determine if United Kingdom continues to exist. And front page news is their lowe… 8 hours ago
  • RT @davidminpdx: So in Oregon it's okay to conceal carry, but also lawful for cop to shoot someone who he thinks *may have a gun in his wai… 10 hours ago
  • RT @nytimes: Opinion: The all-male photo op isn’t a gaffe. It’s a strategy. 19 hours ago

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