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Nieman Labs reports:

“Starting in February, The Atlantic will have a new section on its website: In Focus, a photography blog featuring “photo essays on the major news and trends of the day.” Editing the site will be Alan Taylor, who’s moving to the magazine from the Boston Globe, where, for the past two-and-a-half years, he edited’s celebrated photo-essay feature, The Big Picture.”

The incredible thing about this story is the figures it detailed. The Big Picture had 8 million page views per month. That is an incredible number of eyes on an incredible number of images. Rather naively, I’d never imagined that scale of internet image distribution … and I don’t really know what it means.

Update: Prison Photography collated a Directory of Photographic & Visual Resources for Guantanamo in May 2009.

U.S. Army 1st Lt. Sarah Cleveland
A detainee kicks a soccer ball around the central recreation yard at Camp 4, Joint Task Force (JTF) Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, June 10, 2008, during his daily outdoor recreation time. Detainees in Camp 4 get up to 12 hours of daily of outdoor recreation, including two hours in a central recreation yard. Photo Credit: U.S. Army 1st Lt. Sarah Cleveland

Just gratefully recieved a nudge from an urban conspirator to check out these 30 vetted photographs posted on the Boston Globe website. Obviously, many were taken during the same media tour I mentioned in the last post. Enjoy!


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