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© Fred Conrad/New York Times

© Fred Conrad/New York Times

3,000 inmates die of natural causes in US prisons each year. If they are fortunate, they will do so in a prison hospice. The New York Times’ John Leland reports on this growing sector of corrections provision. Fred R. Conrad provides the photography.

The story focuses on the relationships between the dying men and the inmate volunteers who tend to their needs in the final days, weeks, months.

Coxsackie Correctional Facility, NY, featured in the NYT audio slideshow is one of 75 prisons across the nation that has developed hospice programs for geriatric and dying inmates.

Fred R. Conrad is old school.


Related: Lori Waselchuk has won the admiration of the photographic community for her series Grace Before Dying which surveys the prison hospice at Angola, Louisiana. More on Waselchuk to come.


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