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IT has been going for 5 days now and I am floored to type (almost make real) the fact $2,000 has been pledged to my blogging-road-interview-trip-extravaganza.

Erica McDonald has inserted my talking head front, top and centre (at least for a few more days) of the rapidly growing DEVELOPphoto YouTube Channel.

Julie Grahame, a.k.a. aCurator says, “This is an important project that deserves your backing if you are in any way concerned about or interested in the business of incarceration in the United States.”

Meanwhile, with typical meandering, meaningful context, Hester Keijser over at Mrs. Deane ties my project, and all those like it, to the need to realign the priorities (and associated funding and opportunities available) in capitalist society, “Pho­tog­ra­phers or artists who refuse to side with who is on either side of what­ever divide have a hard time find­ing pri­vate spon­sors, pre­cisely because there are very few indi­vid­u­als of wealth and power who are capa­ble of the gusto needed for fund­ing such under­tak­ings, and who can afford to be disinterested. This might be one of the rea­sons why micro-funding mod­els like the US-based Kick­starter are so impor­tant.”

It means so much to get support, words of encouragement and validation during this nerve racking five weeks of fundraising. If you want to get in on the public show of love, please visit the ‘Prison Photography’ on the Road: Stories Behind the Photos Kickstarter page.


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