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Magnum photographer, Mikhael Subotzky has made available a print at the $1,000 funding level of my Kickstarter project Prison Photography on the Road.

It is a framed photograph made by a student during one of his photography workshops in South African prisons.

Photographer: Incarcerated student of Mikhael Subotzky
Title: Maplank in the Workshop, Pollsmoor Prison, 2005
Year: 2005
Print: B&W, silver gelatin print on fiber paper, 35x50cm (frame approx 50x65cm)
Edition: # 1/9

Print, PLUS postcard, mixtape and self=published book = $1000. BUY NOW


As with all the unsold prints if Mikhael’s doesn’t get snapped up, it’ll return to its maker, and possibly a darkened drawer.

There is one week left of fundraising. Even though I’ve passed my fundraising target, I don’t want to see the figure stop rising as I have very special plans for the extra dough in the form of spin off projects (the scope of which all depend on who much extra is secured).

Please visit this page for all the details on available prints. Tell all your loaded photofolk friends to pay a visit and pick up a print.


prisonphotography [at] gmail [dot] com

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