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Merry Holidays. There’s an angle of fun for everyone this time of year. Even atheists can crack a smile.

For the past couple of Christmases, I’ve posted my favourite selection of slightly-off yuletide related images from the bowels of the internet (2011 and 2012, if you’re interested). I couldn’t repeat that a third year running so I went in search of the foolish, the brilliant, the inspired and the irreverent in the world of music.

There’s a ridiculous amount of bonkers songs and mixes out there. This list is the opposite of definitive.

Let’s start with a couple of messages.

Iggy Pop thinks of you from his lovely, lonely festive luxury.

Nirvana love Christmas … and Ru Paul.

The Sonics are less fond of Christmas.

Sticking it to Fox News. Santa is black.

“Kids, just leave cookies, save the joint. ” Apparently, santa doesn’t deliver presents if he’s high.

Please don’t fight this yuletide.

Ah, the joy of getting.

This is Cyndi Lauper’s worst song.

Iron Maiden bring it. “You’ll be rocking, in your stocking.”

But not as much as No Doubt, a band that have threatened to be a bit daring and maybe good. Here they absolutely are. Oi!

RUN DMC “An ill reindeer.”

And another classic from RUN DMC. “Give up the dough on Christmas, yo. […] Fight poverty, give to the needy; don’t be a grinch, don’t be greedy.”

Tom Waits. Enough said.

Bing and Bowie, of course.

One for the lonely hearts. #sexytime

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer by Elmo & Patsy.

Sweet-Tee: “Snow is fallin’, Relatives callin’; it’s Christmas. Have a ballin'”

Santa Claus, Go Straight To The Ghetto, by James Brown, from his Funky Christmas album.

Same song title. Very different song. Snoopy Doopy Dogg-Dogg performs with Daz Dillinger, Nate Dogg, Bad Azz, and Tray Dee.

From the 1996 release Christmas on Death Row.

One of Steve Coogan’s more short-lived characters, Tony Ferrino: “Bigamy at Christmas, what should I do? Spend it with the family? I cam’t I’ve got two.”

Dana Dane Is Coming To Town

This parody of Sabbath’s Iron Man is so good Ozzy Osborne makes a cameo at the end of the video to fire a rifle at the TV.

John Denver inhabits a small child’s body and begs you not to drink and drive.

Beyonce and friends singing about material goods.

But I guess demanding goes decades back. Here a 10-year-old demands a large mammal. “Only a hippopotamus will do.”

You can’t go wrong with Patti Smith.

Silent Night Skank. Fantastic.

If Reggae Christmas is your thing, check out this list of over 200 tunes from Rasta Claus!

Also, my buddy Blake Andrews hosts a Eugene, Oregon local radio show. He sent over the screengrab below, so you’ve got hours more googling there too!




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