Scott Langley is slowly building a portfolio of portraits which feature famous folk stating their political opposition to execution in the US.

From L to R, Top to bottom: David Strathairn, actor, Boston, MA, June 2007; Ani DiFranco, folk musician, Raleigh, NC, December 2004; Steve Earle, musician, Boston College, June 2001; Eve Ensler, author, activist, Boston, MA, June 2007; Michael Moore, documentary filmmaker and author, Boston, October 2000; Bill Pelke & George White, Founders of ‘Journey of Hope … from Violence to Healing’, Somewhere along Hwy 40, Indiana, November 2000;  Martin Sheen, actor, Boston, MA, March 2008; Sam Reese Sheppard, Boston College, Boston, MA June 2001; Kurt Vonnegut, author, New York, 2006; Howard Zinn, author, historian, professor, New York City, NY, June 2006.