Gary King, Computer Technician, Disabled. “Over the last eight years, these two plates are the only family memories I have left. Only by the Grace of God have I been able to hang onto them. They’re hand painted. I believe that both of these plates were done by my dad’s mom. The one I especially wanted to hang onto was especially done for me. It was stolen when the storage unit got busted into.”

– – –

Daylight Magazine granted us sneak preview of Susan Mullally‘s upcoming book What I Keep: Photographs of the New Face of Homelessness and Poverty, by way of Elin o’Hara Slavick’s introduction.

o’Hara Slavick says:

“Susan Mullally’s unforgettable color photographs of people who gather together in their “Church under the Bridge of I-35″ make visible something we usually choose not to see. There is a young woman holding a photograph of her sweet baby girl with whom she cannot live because she does not have a place to live. There is a picture of an African-American woman holding her Junior High School diploma. This is the first time the woman has ever shown it to anyone. There is an unemployed carpenter who collects any stuffed animal that he finds so he can give them to the children he encounters during his homeless days.”


“Mullally respects her subjects, many of whose lives are constantly disrupted by serious challenges such as homelessness, incarceration, drug addiction, alcoholism, mental illness and poverty. Mullally simply asks each person what he or she keeps and why it is valued and she makes a color photograph of them holding that object of subjective value.”

– – –

What I Keep: Photographs of the New Face of Homelessness and Poverty, Susan Mullally is published by Baylor University Press and due for release Summer, 2010