Still from Marilyn Minter’s video ‘Green Pink Caviar’

In San Francisco, Andy Pilara has opened the largest gallery space for photography in the country. It’s called Pier 24 … guess where it’s located?!

Although you can get background info from The San Francisco Chronicle or The New Yorker, I’ll point you in the direction of blogger Jin Zhu‘s debriefing for it ponders both the art and the economy of art distribution.

“If you want to see [Eggleston’s] Peaches photo, go to Pier 24 immediately! The American contemporary room is a color lover’s paradise!”

“The place left me with a bittersweet feeling as a side effect of too much exposure to $$$$. You can work at your aesthetic language and photograph for 20 years, but in the end, the people who end up bringing your work to the public in an affordable, appealing way are the super rich guys.”

The motives of arts patrons are wide and varied (exposure, public statement, benevolence, pride, market influence) (?) so I won’t speculate. I will visit when I am in San Francisco next month, though.

Photo: Russell Yip / The Chronicle