Anonymous Mexican Men photographed in Altar, Mexico, 2006 © Chris Floyd/Getty Images


Photographer, Chris Floyd was shocked to find one of his photographs depicting three Mexicans IN Mexico from a 2006 editorial assignment being used by Republican candidates Sharron Angle (Nevada) and Sen. David Vitters (Louisiana) for “reds under the bed” scare-mongering TV campaign ads.

Floyd doesn’t know how the Angle and Vitters campaigns acquired the image. It’s feasible they did so legally via Getty Images. But if that were the case why would they ignore the lengthy caption detailing the non-illegal status and circumstances of the three men?

Floyd provides the full caption included on the Getty site:

“ALTAR, MEXICO: Mexicans pose for a portrait whilst gathered in the town square of Altar, Mexico. Altar is located 40 miles from the US border and is the last major town that Mexicans reach before the dangerous crossing. Much of its economy is dependant upon these congregated Mexicans who can purchase numerous necessary provisions. The Minutemen, most of whom are white, retired, armed citizens devote much of their time to musters or vigilante border watches in the Arizona desert, preventing Mexican illegal immigrants flooding into the US. These Minutemen, who claim to simply watch and report to the border police, have received criticism for being a cover for white supremacists whilst others hail them as heroes. Either way, they have struck a cord with many Americans who sympathise with their mission to make an impact on the illegal immigrants that are flooding across the Mexican border at a faster rate than ever. It is estimated that around 750,000 illegal immigrants entered America in 2005, amounting to more than 2000 per day, joining the 12 million that already live there. (Photo by Chris Floyd/Getty Images)”

Read it.

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