Joerg‘s been on a collage kick recently and even opened up a new Collage Art category for his blog. I came across the work of John Beech this week (I can’t remember where) and I like what I see. Beech uses recycled/discarded materials in his sculpture and mixed media works, so why not play on the idea in his photo-collage also?

Check out Beech’s Hybrid Dumpster Drawings.

Collage is a deceptively tricky discipline. It seems to me that the best collages are often the ones that exist at the extreme ends of the spectrum. At one end of that spectrum are collages that incorporate fragments too numerous; visual orgies that have the head spinning, for example Neil Chowdury’s photo-montages.

At the other end of the spectrum are those that incorporate the barest elements; John Beech’s use of only two images would be good examples of that, and of course the least an artist can do to qualify their work as collage.

Beech also plays around with metallic tape atop of prints to obscure subjects.

John Beech’s The State of Things is on show at Peter Blum Gallery, 526 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001