“Tim’s New Office”

Following the Christchurch earthquake of February 22nd, severed and compromised sewer pipes cannot be relied upon. As a result outside toilets, or ‘Long Drops’ have been constructed. A new community website ShowUsYourLongDrop showcases all the creative pooping-pits built in the back-gardens of Christchurch.

From the ShowUsYourLongDrop website:

The earthquake disaster has been a testing time for us Cantabrians and we feel for people who have lost loved ones or property. Our thoughts are with you. During these tough times it is important to be with friends and family and still be able to have a good laugh. Hence the reason for this website. A bit of toilet humour is bound to put a smile on your face even if your having a crappy day!

“The Woodshet”

“The Magic House Long Drop”

“The Self Composting”

“The Outdoor Beach Special”

“Danger: Poo Below”

“The Lighting Special”

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Readers. I realise this is again a post off the topic of prisons. I am working on a couple of lengthy pieces so those important politics will return. And besides, one-off and resilient photo communities such as ShowUsYourLongDrop deserve a warm clap and recognition for their humor in the face of great inconvenience.