If a dozen police officers are firing their guns into a stationary car and killing a citizen in the street then you’d presume they have good reason … and nothing to hide.

Why then did a Miami cop pull a gun on a couple after they’d recorded such an incident and why did Narces Benoit – the man who made the recording – have to hide his memory card under his tongue while police “threw the couple to the ground and smashed the cell phone that took the video“?

The NPPA reports:

Benoit, who was with his girlfriend, Ericka Davis, said police pulled him out of the car, put him face down on the pavement, guns pointed at the couples’ heads, handcuffed him, and smashed his cell phone. Then they put the smashed phone in his back pocket as he lay on the ground.

But Benoit had saved the video to his phone’s SIM card and hid the card in his mouth before the phone was smashed.

He was taken to a mobile command center, photographed, and questioned. Then police took him to headquarters and questioned him again, demanding the video. Benoit says he told police, “The phone’s broken.” He was later released.

“They wanted the video, that’s all they were concerned with,” Davis told CNN.

CNN has purchased the video, and have shown it on air along with Benoit’s interview.

The couple, who have hired a lawyer because, they say, they “want the right thing to be done,” said they saw police taking other people’s cell phones at the scene and smashing them as well, destroying evidence and intimidating witnesses.

Think on.