Ted Kaczynski’s Sunglasses. © U.S. Marshals

It may well have been one of the weirdest auctions in American history. Last month, courts order federal authorities to auction off Ted Kaczynski’s belongings in order to raise money for his victims. The auction closed Thursday 2nd June.

Kaczynski, dubbed the Unabomber, pleaded guilty in 1998 to a 20-year spree of bombings that killed three people and wounded 23.

U.S. Marshals used Flickr to post 51 images of the items included in the macabre auction — the first time the site has been used by U.S. Marshals for a sale — to presumably both reach out to and assist potential buyers.

In the press release, U.S. Marshals explained,”We will use the technology that Kaczynski railed against in his various manifestos to sell artifacts of his life. The proceeds will go to his victims.”

David Kravets writes for Threat Level blog, “Kaczynski’s so-called “manifesto” in which he railed against technology, sold for $20,053. In all, the auction raised more than $232,000. ”

Found via the liberator magazine.

P.S. The U.S. Marshals also have auctions of camera equipment.