Did you take your first photographic image when you were young? Ever thought it could go in a show?

Early Works, curated by Laura Moya and Laura Valenti Jelen, will bring together examines the naive imagery made by contemporary photographers when they were kids.

This seemed like an obvious concept for a photography exhibition, until I realised I can’t think of a similar show from the past. I’m intrigued. It’s a simple premise and in one-fell-swoop will probably cut through the bull crap that you get in a lot of artistic practice (and artists’ statements). Lovely. Simples.

“These early images often reveal surprising talent, visual intuition, and honesty,” say Moya and Valenti Jelen. “Kept for many decades in shoeboxes and faded albums, the images are often cherished belongings that play a key role in defining the self as artist. This exhibition will be a close look at photographers’ earliest works, paired with personal narratives about the images.”

Early Works will be hosted by Newspace Center for Photography and Rayko Photo Center.

There is no entry fee. The deadline to submit is February 4th, 2013. DO IT!  Here are some examples of format for entries.