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© Dave Jordano

Dave Jordano responded to yesterday’s question Have you ever seen prisoners on your daily commute or holiday road-trips? with the above image.

It shows prison workers maintaining the levee along the Mississippi River in southern Illinois. It is his only photograph of prisoners.

Dave and I had been in recent contact because I’d interviewed him for Wired.com and featured HIS AMAZING PHOTOS OF DETROITERS, including the one of Glemie below.

I write:

Unbroken Down is an attempt to set the photographic record straight. Jordano believes that Detroit is more than a tale of decline and images of the associated urban decay. Yet, a lot of celebrated photography projects made in Detroit recently have focused on ruination as if the apocalypse passed through and kept going.

“Detroit is still a living city. Why hasn’t this been part of the equation?” asks Jordano of most photographic output.

Please check out Captivating Photos of Detroit Delve Deep to Reveal a Beautiful, Struggling City. Many have enjoyed it; I am sure you will too.


© Dave Jordano Glemie, Westside, 2011.