I’m away from the computer so I write long hand. My energies each day dictate how straight I can get my thoughts. I’m just trying to pin down honest observations of the Pacific Crest Trail. Outside Online is publishing the dispatches fortnightly.

So far I’ve written about my motivations: Why Would Anyone Hike the PCT? and about how I shredded my feet with blisters on blisters: How To Ruin Your PCT Hike on the First Day.

I’m one month in and at Mile 454 in Agua Dulce, California. Just 2,196 to the Canadian border.

As well as writing on real paper, I’m drawing on real paper too (see above). About one sketch a day. You can follow my daily progress on my Instah: @petebrook. It’s surprising how much of this National Scenic Trail–this wilderness–is covered by cellphone service.

I’m posting all the sketches. Plus photos of where I source water (#petesnewwater) and the views from where I poo outdoors (#petesnewpoop). Other things too.

From a borrowed computer, Pete.