Clearcut at the US/Canada border.

After a long walk in the woods, I am back in society and negotiating all the quickening of pace that the return brought with it. I finished the Pacific Crest Trail on October 1st and, quite frankly, it has taken the best part of a month to get my head straight.

I’ll be posting more sporadically on Prison Photography as I pursue other travel and research into the new year. Less quantity, more quality is my goal over the next 12 months. Into 2017, there’s a few other projects in the works. Thanks for being here.

My take-aways from the trail? People are good; the generosity of strangers is astounding; we’re all in this together. It was a great privilege to slow down and take the extended break–it helped me see what’s important and must be pursued and, on the other side of that coin, what stuff I can leave behind.

Hope you all had lovely summers and the autumn is shaping up nicely for you.